Monday, May 27, 2013

Handmade Birthday

Handmade gifts are something I love receiving, the knowledge that someone has spent the time to sit and make you something warms my heart. I love to create handmade gifts to give out to those family and friends that I know will feel the same way.
My sons are now at the age where homemade gifts are not appropriate, two of them have girlfriends now and have shown and interest in things that I have made so I decided to bit the bullet and make Ashleigh's birthday present.
The blanket I worked on last year and had finished early this year and I was a little sneeky and had Ash help me with the placement of the grannysquare colours (she didnt know the blanket was for her at the time).
The beret came together quicker than I thought so I had both ready and wrapped well before her birthday.

The surprise and delight on her face when she opened the package was all I needed. She loved them!! Its such a nice feeling to know that someone loves something you made as much as you enjoyed making it.

I am working away on baby crochet  lately teaching myself as I go and mastering my first jacket and booties. One lot has already gone to a beautiful little bubba boy and I have my niece due in September and just found out tonight that another friend is having her 7th precious bubba!!
Looks like I have plenty of cold winter nights to be sitting crocheting and knitting. I will share as they are completed and gifted.

Thanks for stopping by.
Lis :)


  1. Wow! These are great!!!!!!!!!! Love, love, love that hat!

  2. Thanks Sandi :)

  3. Gorgeous gifts, Lis. There's nothing nicer than receiving handmade. xox

    1. Thanks Mel, thats what i think too and am grateful I still have people in my life who think so.

  4. That's fantastic. Such an awesome gift!

    Seventh baby! I have a friend with seven. Can you imagine?!

    1. haha I made a typo just had to read back through my post when I saw your 7th, its should be 1st lol oops