Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crochet - Ripple Blanket

I am finally getting around to sharing my completed ripple blanket. Way back in February I started this blanket after reading about a ripple along on Mel's blog. I had never tackled this stitch before and after many trys at the pattern everyone was using from Attic24 I  just couldnt get it to work, I dont know what I was doing wrong or why it wasnt working out and I was ready to give up on it. The stubborness (I get from my dad haha) in me got me to searching for a different pattern and I finally found this one and I was able to get it to work.
I flew to Tassie for 2 weeks in March and took my ripple blanket with me and managed to get quite a bit done. Then once I was back home it continued to slowly grow until the end of April when I finally finished.

The blanket was a present for a family friends daughter who was having her first baby, unfortunately little Mason was born before I got the blanket complete, but with winter fast approaching im sure that it will get alot of use in Melbourne and Tassie.
Thank you to Mel for her ripple along which got me started, I love the stitch and am thinking a big QS blanket for my bed is in order....

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)


  1. Well done, it looks great - Im sure it will be well loved and used!

  2. This looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful workmanship!