Saturday, December 08, 2012

School years come to an end..

 After arriving back from my trip to Tassie, the events kept comming firstly on the Wednesday night with the School Academic awards. This is the first year that this event has been done as a seperate event, it had in the past been held with Graduation - which really didnt work all that well.
Whilst my boys have always done alright in most of their subjects awards havent really been a part of their academic history.
This year however Daniel was super excited to be awarded with the 2012 Sporting achiever award. This award is the highest sporting award the school gives out and he wanted it so badly. Josh had received the same award 2 years ago which only made Daniel want it even more.

He also received the 2012 Sporting allrounder award. The huge smile says it all, sport is definately a field where he excels. We are so proud of you Daniel.

 The next day we were back at the school again, this time for the 2012 graduation ceremony. There were alot of very excited students, some amazing speeches, brilliant performances and even some tears. The new school captains for next year were announced - Congrats to Nathan Murcott - and then the year 12 students were presented with their certificates.

 Every student was also presented with a flower that they were to give to one person who had made a difference in their life.

 Standing waiting for the rest of the Graduates to be given their certificate with the vice principal and Anna, his year coordinator, sports teacher and probably the teacher who he had the most admiration for.

Yes, I did have a little teary moment when my boy walked up and handed me the flower. Josh had joked that I wouldnt get it that Dan would give it to Anna lol but my boy did indeed give it to his mum!

Mum even got a great big cuddle from her big boy, in front of everyone too. I loved that he wasnt worried about hugging me infront of all his friends.

 So after 12 years of pushing himself to achieve all that he could my boy is now headed of into the real world to make his mark, we wish you all the luck in the world Dan.

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  1. Yippee! Lots of good wishes to Dan for much success!