Monday, December 03, 2012

75 years young

  A huge big happy birthday to my dad who turned 75 back on the 6th November!

 The next saga in November madness began  after dropping daniel of for his school Formal, I knew I was in for a big night with Daniel hosting a small afterparty back at our place, so i tried to fit in a nanna nap after dinner. You would never of guessed that this little mumma who has never had a problem with a nanna nap ever COULDNT sleep, I laid for ages trying to drift of to sleep before finally giving up.
After picking the boys up after the formal and getting them allback to ourplace and sorted out for some "quiet" (had bodies sleeping upstairs) partaying I set about making sure I had everything organised for our flights, bags were packed, tickets printed and in my purse and things sorted in the home for John and the boys. I did manage a half hour snooze around 3.30am before showering, dressing, calling Josh to come home from Ashleigh's waking John and making sure the party boys were all ok and other than one pool incident they were all fantasticly behaved.
Josh and I piled into the car at 4.30am and John drove us to the gold coast for our flight! All going good, I got some sleep on the flight to Melbourne, Sandra came met us at Melbourne airport - was great to catch up with if only for a short time. Then the delayed...half hour turned into an hour which then turned into 2 hours...We did finally make it into Hobart where my baby sister picked us up and drove us to Mum and Dads.
It was fun watching the reaction on dads face when I walked in, he knew that Josh was comming down but we had kept that I was going to a surprise! He was thrilled!!

We didnt have long to settle in before we headed over to my sisters place for Dad's party. Was a great night with family and friends just chilling with some great food and conversations. I was so happy to be back home for a little while.

 It had been way too long since I had seen mum and dad and even longer since Id seen some other family and friends.

I mentioned good food before, well it was topped of with this amazing cake which really was scrumptious!

This trip was only a very short one so Had to cram in as much family time as I could. With Vicki also in Tassie at the same time we had to get some family shots of us all. Its not very often that both Vicki and I are back in Tassie at the same time.
 Dad with his girls.

 My two little sisters!
 A very proud and happy mum with her girls.

The time went so quickly and it was soon time to get flights home, will miss them all heaps.

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Lis :)

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  1. Great pics! Looks like dad really enjoyed himself...he doesn't look his age!