Friday, July 20, 2012

Works in progress

 Do you start one project and work on it untill its complete, or do you start multiple projects all at once ? I used to be so fussy about starting something and making sure it was finished before I moved onto something else. Lately it seems that way of thinking has flown away and been replaced by this intense need to try every interesting, inspiring, pretty thing I see on the web lol

This might be the reason that only one of my boys actually had their blankets for their beds by the time winter started ?
Lets have a little look at projects that I still have to complete and some I actually finished.

Dont you love the colours in this, so pretty. This one is a present for a special friend ( I have just over a month to get this one finished).
Double bed blanket for Josh's bed, to be fair I actually had to unpick about 100 rows and start all over again with this one as I had made it way too wide.
Dan's blanket was started before the green one above, but then it was decided that Josh needed one more than Dan did (Dan has an old quilt my mum gave the boys) so I havent gotten very far with this one at all.

These are just way too cute right ? I found a pattern and just had to see if I could do it. I learnt how to decrease in crochet doing these 3 hats and also another way to make the edging. The three above are all newborn size.

And just because I had to see if I was clever enough to adapt a pattern to fit a larger size child I made this pretty one complete with crochet flower. This one will fit up to approx 18mths.

 I also made a couple of them in our local football team colours for a couple of the little ones, the girls loved them!
The crochet hats above are all for sale and can be made in most colours and sizes. If you would like to order one or find out more information then leave me a comment below or contact me via my facebook page HERE.

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  1. Wow! Fabulous creations! Love everything!

  2. Beautiful colors on those blankets! And the hats are too cute! I wish I had the patience to get one project finished before I start the next--my completion rate would probably sky-rocket! But, alas, I also get so excited to try new and different things that some projects get abandoned. Keep up the good work!

  3. I have a list of things to do, plus my work in progress AND now pinterestz1
    love the little hats,