Thursday, July 26, 2012

Regional Cross Country

Cross country and distance running has always been Dan's favourite events at school sports. Each year since being in high school he has come in the top few and qualified to compete at the district competition.
This year his last at high school had a few goals,for cross country he wanted to come first not only in his age group, but out of all the senior boys. He did this comfortably, which got him to Districts (another goal).
His next goal was to come in the top 10 at districts and make it to his first regional cross country competition.
I was so proud when he came in 7th and won himself a spot in the regional team!! He was stoked and put it alot of extra training to be ready for it.

Now the school whilst happy to take all the accolades for top achievers dont actually have anything to do with suppporting or getting their students to regional events.
We made the trip to Runaway Bay ourselves fumbled ourselves around to find out where he had to check in (discovering he had to have a booklet filled out that should of been given at school) and finally had himself ready for the race, just to wait for the start time.
He did a good warm up and was a little nervous (he told me most of the kids that make it to this stage are part of Athletics groups).
I was a bit bummed that I forgot my camera, so had to quickly snap  this one when we got home before he could wash it of.

(yes his shoes need replacing but he wont throw them away he thinks they are lucky)

He lined up and the starter gun went, being cross country I didnt see him for alot of the time, but as he made it around the middle part of the course he was comming in 28th out of 35 boys. I yelled encouragement as he disappeared into the next part of the course.
It wasnt long before boys started appearing and heading for the finish line. Daniel finally emerged comming in 21st position!
I was so proud that was an awesome achievement for him, and he was even happier with himself when he realised that that he beat all but 1 of the boys he had competed against at Districts, therefore bettering himself by 6 positions!

He will also be competeing in the Bridge to Brisbane later on this year with a group of teachers and students from school. It will be his first major running event outside of school competitions!

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  1. Cheers to Dan! A job well done! Keep it up Dan, with each run, and each training session, you will become stronger and faster and find yourself moving up even more! Hats off to those lucky sneakers too...when you outgrow them, you can hang them in your room...maybe put one of those shoelaces in your pocket when you race...'wink'!

    Here's to your next lucky run!! Yeah!