Friday, June 08, 2012


The new challenge word over at Bird is the Word has been announced! As usual there are some inspiring creations on the blog to get you motivated.
I have created another page for my art journal, this time Ive gone a little personal with the theme instead of generic.
Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

A few years back I tore my achilles tendon and had to stop playing sport. Once my physio finished and I was deemed ready to tackle things on my own, I  got a little slack and never really kept up with it. Therefore I havent gotten back into playing sport and with my diet never really being anything I worried about (I just ate what I wanted) I gained weight...
A few of my friends have said pfft where...ok so its not a massive weight gain but its enough for me to feel uncomfortable with how I look, and worry that it will just continue to build if I dont do something about it.
Here is where the art journal quote comes into it, ive made many comments to my family and close friends about how I need to start doing something to lose the weight, but do I do anything ? No!
So if I dont Change my habits and start doing something then Nothing is going to Change!

Time to put my words into action!

Thanks for stopping by
 Lisa :)


  1. Fab! Fab! Fab! Love this and sooooooooooooo true!

  2. Oh I love it when you get grungy! This is fantastic!!!
    Thanks for playing along at BITW:)

  3. Such a simple truth, and yet it can be so hard to make change. Your quote and story really resonated with me, as I am in a similar place. It's amazing how quickly an injury can lead to the undoing of so much fitness! :(
    Great art journal page--I love the painty/sketchy quality and your silhouette is just awesome!

  4. This is fantastic!!
    Thanks for playing along at BITW

  5. Beautiful art, thanks for playing along at BITW

  6. I love your art journal page! My layout also reflects my inability to raise the bar and make the changes I need to !

  7. your art is so funky and free...thanks for playing along at BITW

  8. love the journaling in the body, looks great :)

    Thanks for joining us at BITW :)

  9. wonderful
    I love this!
    xx and tks for playing along with us at Bird is the Word