Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family Update - sports

 As is the normal for us once the cooler weathr sets in, football season starts and we pretty much are ungulfed by it. Lucky for us this year both Dan and Josh are playing Saturdays (with the odd game for Dan on Sundays) and Jayden is umpiring Saturday mornings. One day out of a weekend even if it is a 12 hour day is actually better for us than having to go out (and travel) both days.
So far this year we have travelled to Sandgate, Everton, Surfers,Sherwood and Noosa, we only have a couple more away games to do and then the rest are all home games which Im looking forward to.
Whilst the boys love there footy they all love the club and are quite willing to help out whenever asked.
Dan has on a regular basis been the runner for reserves as well as water carrier.

John as always can be found in his bright red and yellow shirt massaging, strapping and attending to injured players. He not only does the Under 18's but also helps out where required for the reserves and seniors.

Jayden has been a real trooper on game days, running water whenever asked, and has even run boundary umpire and been the under 18's runner.

Jayden didnt want to play football anymore, but he did take an interest in umpiring, so we organised for him to do the required courses and back in May he officiated his very first club game. He did a great job umpiring the Under 9's game.

I still have some game photos to share and will get to that as soon as I can get them uploaded and edited.

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  1. Jayen Balm5:52 pm

    Yeap thats us, also being a well educated family.

  2. Wonderful pics! Take as many as you can now because this time passes by fast. looking at these pic brings back such wonderful memories of us with our children.