Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The many uses of scrap papers - Blogtoberfest 2011 - day 11

One of the most common things scrapbookers share is the amount of scrap papers that we end up with, it amounts to ALOT very quickly.
I store mine by colour in plastic folders and every so often I will go through and cull, I give to my kids (as there getting older they dont want them as much) the little kids next door or the local kindy.
Sometimes I even create things with them, I went looking for some circle embellishments to use on a layout and realised my supplie was low so I got all my scraps out and started cutting, scrunching, inking and gluing together till I ended up with a big pile of circle embellies to use.

After I had made all the circles I still had a pile of papers left on my desk so I decided that rather than put all the bits back into the folders I would make up some cards.
Generic styles.

Girly styles

I try and make all my cards (I really dont like paying $5 for a store brought one) and like to have a good supply at the ready so that Im never caught short.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Anonymous6:34 am

    These are great. I don't even scrapbook but I could see myself looking for scraps of paper just to give this a try. Marissa

  2. Fab way to use up all your scraps Lis... I have heaps just waiting to be turned into something useful ;) Loved the little peek into your scrap space too!!

  3. Wow! Love your cards! Those flowers are fantastic! I need to make some of those....good idea!

  4. I love those flowers! . :) They were my favorite to do when I was into greeting card making. :) I distressed the edges with scisors and inked them with tim holtz's ink pad. It makes me want to make some right now. :))

  5. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Your cards look amazing Lisa, its a great way to use up scraps.

    Melanie H

  6. Great cards! There are always too many scraps and not enough time...
    I do make my own cards but I like to buy some from my crafty frineds as well.