Monday, October 03, 2011

He is all grown up - Blogtoberfest 2011 - day 3

When you become a parent you go through stages of wishing they were a bit older or doing something sooner than what they are, other times when you wish they had stayed babies or toddlers.
My oldest, Josh turned 18 earlier this year and I struggle (still am to a certain extent) with the fact he is now no longer a child but an adult (add feelings of being old here), surely he couldnt have got there this soon, but he has and overall we are very proud of who he has become.
Well even prouder at the weekend when he brought his very first car!!! Saved up and paid in cash for it all by himself!
Looking at him with keys and hand and the biggest smile ive seen on him in awhile made me even prouder.
Sadly he doesnt have his licence yet, he got his book passed just before he went in for his knee reconstruction, so has had to wait until he got the ok from the specialist to be able to drive again - which they gave this week. So he now just has to book in and go for his test .
This again scares and excites me, firstly he will be out there driving all by himself, with mates etc I WILL be aprehensive each time, but I think thats a mums right. Yes ?
On the otherhand once he is able to drive himself, my duties as taxi driver diminish ALOT that I am looking forward to lol and if I play my cards right, he can take over some of the driving his younger brothers around lol
So, the new car a 1995 Ford Laser. He wouldnt let me take a pic of him in the car with it, so just have the car by itself.

Well done Josh, so proud of you, but please becareful .

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Hey Lis, thanks for posting on my blog. Blogtoberfest is such a good way to find new blogs to read. Looking forward to following yours :) Angela @Sew La Ti Embroidery

  2. Wow! Congrats to Josh! What a beauty of a car! The fact that he paid for it himself will probably keep him from driving fast when he gets his license...that will help you with the worry! I'd be proud of him too if he was my son!