Sunday, October 02, 2011

Blogtoberfest 2011 - day 2

I have had my blog for a number of years now and sometimes I am diligent in updating it and other times it can be weeks before I remember to upload a post.
I found a post on Car's blog ablout Blogtoberfest that i thought I would give a try. I am a day late starting, but I figure that wont matter, hopefully I can get through the entire month with a post a day.
Disclaimer; Its possible that some of the posts for the month might be less than interesting, just bits and pieces about whats happening around here with me and the family.

You can find more information about Blogtoberfest 2011 Here.

I managed to find time to finish of another crochet blanket, this ones not as big as the others, more of a lap blanket for the couch on a chilly night. I love the bright colours, it adds a little bit of spring to the loungeroom.

On a recent thrift shopping day I found this solid wood black frame for $5, it was missing the hanger on the back (easy fixed with a trip to the hardware store) I played around a little and finally came up with this family sign to hang on the wall above my wall unit where I have all my family photos.

Lastly, just wanted to share a picture taken a few days ago of the sky as the sun was starting to go down.

Back tomorrow with an exciting post about something new in our household.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Wow! You are one talented gal! Love that blanket to bits!

  2. Happy Blogtoberfest!

    Gorgeous blanket & I really like what you did with that frame, I bet it looks great in it's new home.

  3. Your blanket looks wonderful! I'm very proud of myself - I made a granny square yesterday! LOL

  4. The blanket is gorgeous....enticing me to learn how to crochet...I love the end result : )

  5. I love your 'family' frame! What a great idea :)

  6. Hey nice to meet you...all the best with daily your blanket too.
    Thanks for stopping by my little space.