Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I wore Wednesday

It' s that time of week again. Time to share another outfit. I have learnt a few lessons doing this prompt every week, 1 - need to clean out wardrobe 2 - need to add some colour to my wardrobe and some pretty shoes would look great with some of my outfits haha.
Anyways here is this weeks outfit...

Black cardy - op shop
Grey singlet and overshirt - SES Fashions
Skinny Jeans - Femme Connection
Black Canvas slipons - Kmart
Birdcage necklace - Cosmetics Plus (I took the birdcage of the chain it came on and put it on one of my sterling silver chains as I have a major metal allergy)
Bracelets - made myself.

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  1. how cute is that flower on your top!! very cute indeed!! what are your bangles made from?? & yes ditto on the cute shoes thing...i may need to get me some too :0)

  2. ooooooo where is femme connection up here? I miss my melbs store!

  3. Another neat pic! I love that nice big flower on your top! Yup, shoes...very important, they can make or break and outfit! You go girl! :)

  4. Ohh lovely.
    Id love a close up of your bangles too.....they look gorgeous.
    Thanks so much for joining in......and for using the link feature....Im so glad it actually worked..hehe...
    Have a great week
    Mardi x

  5. The overshirt with the big flower is way cool! The flower looks very 3D. I like the neckline on the top too, with the little gathers. Very feminine and flattering. :)