Saturday, August 13, 2011

Phase one done and dusted..

Finally the day had arrived for surgery. After injuring his knee back in May during a footy game and many doctors, specialists, xrays, mri's etc later it was time to head of to the Mater. We were up there at day surgery by 6am, by 6.45 he was taken of to pre op. We were told about 4 hours for surgery and he would be back in recovery and then admitted to 8A.
First things first for me was coffee, I was really good and had nothing while we waited as Josh was fasting. I found a comfy spot in one of the waiting areas and sat down to read.
12pm comes, then 1pm, then 2pm and he still isnt even out of surgery, I admit I started to get worried then why was it taking so long. Finally at 3.15 he arrives back on the ward, apparently they had delays and he didnt go into surgery until after 11am.

Back on the ward he was awake just, very dopey still and not really with it, he wasnt in any pain though which was good.
We got told that everything had gone well, he would be taken for an xray just to check and make sure everything was where it should be.
By the time we left later that night he had become a little more alive and said he was just thirsty and hungry.
We left him to settle in for the night and returned the following day, doctor had been to visit and given him instructions and exercises, physio had been in and sized him up for crutches, he had his medications and was just keen to get home.
Navigating crutches he soon worked out wasnt as easy as he thought it would be, and the pain was a little stronger than he had imagined.
So phase one over, now the next phase is healing, then rehab. Think we are in for a long frustrating journey with him.

Cheers Lis :)

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  1. My prayers and thought are with you and your family! Hoping for a speedy recovery!