Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This week....

This week has been so full on and its only Tuesday. Monday for us (me) is normally catch up day as we have spent all day Sunday at footy. Trying to get kits made and work out lists for what I am taking away on my very first Scrapbook retreat - more about this later - trying to finish crochet projects in time for birthdays and deadlines, add to that a house inspection on Wednesday and washing that seems to multiply overnight lol I havent stopped.

A couple of art journal pages that I got done last week.

Friday I am heading of on my first ever scrapbook retreat!!!!!!
Wicked Princess are having their first one too, its going to be so much fun and it sounds like Krissy has put alot of work into making it an awesome weekend!
To make it even more exciting for me I get to spend it with not only a great group of girls from the WP forum but my gorgeous girl TAM.
Its been way too long since we spent some REAL time together and im counting the sleeps!!!!

Cheers Lis :)

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