Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why do "I" scrapbook

After a conversation with some ladies the other day, I got thinking about why I scrapbook. We started chatting about photos and what we do with the 100's and 100's we take, of course this turned into chatting about scrapbooking (with a few of the ladies being scrapbookers).
I really enjoyed chatting with them about the craft that I love, not very often I get to do this in real life, that is until the talk turned to products and what we use. One lady was very strong in her opinions that scrapbooking is all about the latest and greatest products straight of the shelves of the best scrapbook stores.
Now I of course LOVE scrapbook stores, could spend hours in them, but thats not always practical nor does my bank balance love it too much. Whilst I do buy products, I guess mainly papers and stamps, I really enjoy handmaking elements for my pages (purse loves it too :) )

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Scrapbooking is about preserving memories and telling stories for me and my family to have and share many years from now. Sometimes my pages are just photos and journaling and no fancy papers and embellishments.
Part of the enjoyment of the craft for me is playing with different elements and using imagination and creativity to make something.

Cutting papers and gluing, painting all those things we enjoyed as kids right? Well I for one still enjoy them.

I know this post isnt too exciting but, i just wanted to get out there that scrapbooking isnt always about the same thing for everyone, it is a craft that is personal and different for each individual and we shouldnt be judged because we wish to do something thats not classified main stream.

Cheers Lis :)

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