Thursday, March 17, 2011

January - February

I think after this post I might be upto date with the year so far, cant believe that its almost April already, only seems like we just got back from Tassie.
Whilst I expected the start of the year to be busy I never expected to have to pack so much into the first 3 months of the year.

First day back at school, this year just the two younger boys, with Josh having graduated last year.
They begrudgingly posed for the "must have" 1st day photos lol

Football is a winter sport, right ? hahah yep thats what they tell however started for us last November with the senior team and February for youth.
Alot of changes this year with teams and clubs and without going into alot of detail both Josh and Daniel are now playing at Springwood. Josh into his 2nd year of 18's and Dan into his 2nd year of 16's.

The 18's had an intra club practice match against the reserves, and whilst no scores were kept the 18's did themselves proud and really served it up to the older, bigger reserve team.

The 16's coach has had them at Broadbeach (very very) early on Sunday mornings for training sessions. The word back from Dan is that it has been awesome.

Bit hard to pick which they enjoy more, the beach or the park play afterwards lol

Josh made his Senior debut and really stepped up and "owned" (his words lol). So proud of him he played so well and alot of feedback from the club about how well he did.

Bushrangers trial this year was a bit of a nightmare with the weather and it being cancelled then back on again. Springwood because of this didnt manage to get a team together, but Dan and a couple of other boys went along and got slotted into another team to try out.

We are now nearing the end of March and actually looking forward to footy getting underway properly, will be alot more of a relaxed year for us this year with no committee committments.

Also planning an 18th birthday party, my boy turns 18 in 3 weeks!!!

Back soon with some scrapping (yep im back into it) soon.

Cheers Lis :)

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