Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I' ve been scrapping!!

It has been over a year since I scrapped on a daily basis. My ankle injury and Life and lack of motivation had me on a scrapping draught. I did dabble a little with painting and my art journal and some other crafty avenues but not actual scrapbooking.
You know what ? I really missed it!
So im not back into daily scrapping but I am getting pages done and enjoying it again.

Wicked Princess put out some amazing sketches every month for their sketch challenge. There are usually 4 sketches every month done by the talented design team and this month so far ive managed 3 of them (working on the 4th now).

Sketch 3

Sketch 2

Sketch 1

I made a promise to myself that I wouldnt go and buy anymore pages until ive used up most of my stash - two 12x12 binders full (not alot in the big picture, but for me its lots) so these pages and alot to follow will be made using papers that are from 2 - 3 years ago.

Have some of my other crafty projects to share very soon...stay tuned there might just be a give away to celebrate my return to scrapping too!!

Cheers Lis :)

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