Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I sewwed!

I have a had a sewwing machine pretty much all my adult life, two years ago I got given a new one thats does all these fancy stitches.
Alas, other than doing some basic mending the only time it ever got used was on my scrapbook pages lol
That is until now.......
I needed a cover for my sewwing machine, it was starting to collect dust. After a bit of thought and the realisation that it has to be put away after use, as I dont have a permanent spot for it to be left out, I decided that a bag would be the better option.
Now I could of gone out and brought one, or I could of taken one of those Eco bags and just used that to stick it in....but why have a sewwing machine if you dont use it right ???
So I took one of those Eco bags, and undid the side seams, I got all my material scraps and bits out and patchworked over the Eco bag. I wanted it to have a really messy look so I just zig zag stitched over the top of all the bits of material. Whilst its by no means a masterpiece im pretty impressed with how it turned out, and now my machine is all nicely protected from the dust!

Inspiration taken from here.

Cheers Lis :)

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