Friday, March 04, 2011


Sitting in Tassie watching the news hearing all the stories about how much rain they were getting and of all the flood threats was a little worrying, I had constant calls back home to John to get updated news. I wasnt too concerned for our place, not being that close to Brisbane city, but John works close to the Brisbane river, and we have friends in areas being warned to be prepared.
We flew home on the 10th January, arriving at Brisbane Aiport to rain and lots of it, it didnt let up for either in the days to come and as all have seen and read the Brisbane river did break and so many homes and work places were lost and ruined.
John and the rest of the staff were sent home from work on the Wednesday as those in the know were expecting the streets around his work to go under - and some of them did.

Whilst our home was not at risk, the main street near us did flood, these following photos are 200 m from our place.

My boys had their photos taken against that first column a couple of years ago, the waterhad come 100m up to the road edge.

The local park, photo taken from the foot bridge above, where all that water is was grass the last time we were there.

Cheers Lis

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