Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Inspiring Interiors competition.

A exciting new challenge is underway at Wicked Princess, its all about being inspired by photos based on interior design.
Here is what Krissy has to say......
Over the next 6 weeks the Princesses and I are going to be challenging you with another interior to be inspired by :-)
Here are a few things for you to know before we start:
Each new challenge will be uploaded wednesday mornings and they are due the following wednesday at midnight so you will have 1 week to complete your entries and upload them in the relevant gallery.
Weekly winners will be decided by votes from forum members -each week the winner will be given a small prize. Major prize winners will be the entrants with the most points during the competition.
Bonus points will be awarded for participation and winning mini games.
There will be no eliminations during the competition :) Its just something fun with inspiring challenges and great prizes :D

The rules:
* creations are to be made ONLY for these challenges anyone found to have used their entries for other challenges or competitions will be disqualified
* all challenges must be completed to be in the running for the major prize
* entries are due in the gallery by midnight each wednesday
* Winners are decided by votes from forum members
* HAVE FUN!! :-)

Sounds exciting doesnt it, first challenge is already up so hurry on over and check it out!!

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  1. Yay so glad you are joining in Lisa! its going to be heaps of fun :)

    Krissy xx