Friday, September 03, 2010


Josh was lucky enough to be asked to spend a whole day Deep sea fishing with the Loganholme PCYC. Only an handful of boys from his school were asked. He didnt even mind getting up at 4am, his dad had a bit of fun at work with the boys saying he had just dropped Josh of at the Police station lol.
Josh arrived home around 8pm that night, tired, damp, smelly but really pleased with himself. He had caught the most fish and got to bring some of them home with him.

(ps last night he cooked the fish up all by himself and it was very yummmy)

The under 18 football presentation this year was a Black Tie event. We had to go out and get Josh a suit for it (but he can use it for his formal), he was a little uncomfortable to start, and as you might be able to tell from this photo below, he so didnt want his photo taken and he wouldnt stand still, this one is the best of a bad bunch.
He did look so smart though.

The night was fantastic, alot of awards given out to very deserving players, an awesome video of the season made up by the coach, and the "hot seat" was so funny.
Josh was lucky enough to be awarded the "most improved" trophy, he was pretty impressed, even made a thank you speech.

All year a group of us mums had been selling margin tickets to raise enough funds to get the team something special. With the Help of Shane Jones (thanks for allowing us to buy your jersey) we were able to present them with this (very large) framed jersey and photos, I think they were suitably impressed, there were a few oooooohs in the crowd when we unveiled it.

Cheers Lis :)

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