Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The Springwood Pumas under 18s after going the whole season undefeated capped it of on Sunday with a great win in the grand final!!
All the guys played so well and deserved the win!

The day started of early with all of them fired up for a good game.

The National Anthem.

The boy had a really good game.

The final score.

Medal presentation. ( The AFLQ guy asked him to get down low, so he could reach)

Coach and captains with the Premiers Cup!!!!!

Very very happy premiers 2010. Making it back to back for the Pumas.

So then they moved to the Club house and started to celebrate the win....

Then back to coaches place for lots more celebrating....

The celebrating went on well into the night.....and morning!

He didnt looks so good at 10am Monday morning let me tell you lol

So proud of my boy and the team for a great win and a great day. Thanks to Oppy and his team for all the effort they put in over the season!

Cheers Lis :)

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