Friday, April 02, 2010

Its footy season.

So the footy season has started, and can we say HECTIC!!! All over the place and never home lol
So our week goes something like this...Mon night, John is of at Cobras training (being president he has to be there), Tues night Dan is at Mt Gravatt training (they had to join teams this year due to lack of numbers), Wed night John is at Cobras training, Josh is at Springwood for 18's training, Thurs night Dan is at Mt Gravatt training, Fri night Josh is either at Springwood training or has a game.
Dan is also umpiring for the seniors on Saturdays.
The game part of the season hasnt even started yet, just a couple of practice games ready for a after Easter start.
Then we will have Sat and Sun thrown into the mix as well, thank god Jay decided not to play this year.
Mind you as busy as we all are (and thank god im driving again now) I wouldnt have it any other way (ok all training at the same ground might be nice lol) much rather them be active and playing sport than not.

A few photos from Dan's practice games, havent managed to get any of Josh yet as his games have been of a night.

Easter weekend, really loving just lazing around doing nothing, well not nothing, but just being at home.
I saw a recipe for Tuna parcels in a mag awhile back and decided that Good Friday was a great time to try them, so easy.
Just mix tuna and grated cheese together and spread on crust free strips of bread, roll and secure with a toothpick. Place in oven (or grill) to toast.

Think next time we might sprinkle some spice over the top of the bread, they didnt last long, boys loved them.

Happy Easter everyone :)



  1. Goodness me, that is a busy week. makes my life so dull in comparison. lol

    I'll have to try those tuna parcels. Miss Lillee likes tuna.

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