Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The years half gone

Where did those first 6 months go to, only seems like last week I was posting about footy season just starting, and here we are now 3 months later well and truly into it.
May, not sure where that went or what happened accpet that there was lots of footy and running kids back and forth to different places.
June started of with my baby boy having a night in hospital. After 8 years he is certainly used to all the needles and bloods he has to have whilst in there for his fasting study, he does however not like the having to go 24 hours without food (can you blame him really ??).
From a doctors point of view all went very well and it was 20 hours before his bloods dropped to danger levels. From Jays point of view it went way too long and he really did enjoy a huge meal and double helping of desert afterwards. consumes 4 week nights for training and both days of a weekend, makes for not alot of time to do much else.
Although Jay isnt playing this year, he likes to get in and help out with his brothers teams. He and the manager for Dan's team have a 'contract' apparently lol

Dan's team have been up and down with wins, still having issues with players and teamwork but there playing which is the main thing.

The two different guerseys - being a joint team they take it in turns wearing the prospective clubs guerseys for different games.

John's birthday this year fell on the Queens birthday weekend, thought he was pretty special getting a public holiday for his birthday lol

Isnt this little kitten just the most gorgeous thing, she was only 3 weeks old, abandoned by her mummy. Jay fell in love.
Sadly she didnt survive very long.

Josh and the Under 18's are having a sensational season, not losing so far and sitting way ahead on top of the ladder.
Has been different to see him playing up with the big boys this year, but he has stepped up to the plate and proven himself.

With a squad of 29 not every player gets a game each week, but when they dont play they still pitch in and support their team.

The under 18's held a Players Revue, OMG I have never laughed so much, it was just hilarious. The boys all did an amazing job and everyone had a fantastic night.

Syncranised Swimming...

dancing midgets....

the news team...

Fashion parade....


Even the mums enjoyed the night...

Cheers Lis :)

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  1. Where have you been woman??? LOL
    Been missing you sweetie.

    Love the photos you have shared, would have to say the fashion show is the best. lol