Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Is the prompt for One little word this week.
Was really unsure as to what to do for this word, of course there are lots of things that I am lucky enough to be blessed with in my life, it was just hard to choose which one to go with.
After reading a post on Lusi's blog the other day it got me to thinking about all the wonderful people I have met through the scrapbooking community online and how they have all touched my life in some way.
I did this page as a tribute to all of you out there that I have met via the web, be it forums, blogs, challenges, whatever. The emails, msn chats, forum chats, blog and gallery comments all mean the world to be and add a tiny bit of sunshine to my every day.
Thank you :)



  1. Lusi :)7:51 pm

    oh lis that's beautiful!
    so glad you feel inspired coming for a visit my way - i feel inspired by you too mate :)
    lus x

  2. I LOVE this! Love your take on this word!


  3. I love your journal entry Lisa. It is very inspiring. I need some of that.

  4. Finally had a while to spare and caught up on your blog...cool stuff...your scrapbooking is getting more awesome everytime I see it...miss ya hon tc and speak soon (I hope lol)
    Luv ya lots

  5. this is GREAT! (& i looooove the buttons!)