Monday, March 31, 2008

A jam packed weekend

So much for lazy weekends! They just dont exist at our place from March to September. Its not all a bad thing though, I love that the boys are active and out in the fresh air getting exercise and not sitting inside at home all weekend!
Saturday morning John had to work, Jay had a practice match at home, so of to the club nice and early. Thanks Tania for the lift! I looked after the canteen during the game (more news on that further down).
Saturday arvo we spent tidying up around the house, getting lawns mowed, movign cars ready to be picked up by wreckers - yay will have a wreck free yard soon!
Sunday morning up early and of to football again, both Josh and Dan had games, and John was kept busy with his sports trainer duties.
Got a couple of photos Sunday (didnt get a chance saturday woking the canteen).

Jenny and Matt met us at football and watched the last 1/4 then back to our place for coffee and awesome chats, they stayed for dinner and left around 7.30. Was so nice to catch up with them again, we really must do it more often.

Yesterday I got offered a job, nothing major, working the canteen at the football club for every Saturday home game for the season. I of course said yes! It means I will miss Jay's away games, and have to be up bright and early every Saturday regardless of the boys game times. What it does mean though is a little pocket money for me every week, and you cant argue with that.

Got a busy day ahead, challenges to finish, dt work to complete, a house to sort out and new scrap goodies - my Mystical order arrived yummy cosmo cricket and my treasure hunt prize pack from Mystical - to put away!!

Have a great day :)



  1. Congratulations on the job, more pocket money is good. Lol

    Wonderful photos, I can't to see you scrap them. The action shot of DS kicking the ball looks wonderful.

  2. goodluck sorting out your house. Congratulations too on the job :))