Friday, March 28, 2008


Isnt here in Australia yet, we have just started Autumn, but its the prompt this week on Paper Adventure.
I love Spring, the days are warm but not yet very hot, the nights are cooler so you can still sleep easily.
There are new smells, new life starting all over the place, its like a new beginning that happens every year.

Mary I have all my circles on a ring together, they look great. Will get a photo soon, its been really rainy and dull here this week.



  1. I must say tat I am so behind with this but I will catch up.

    Love your tag for this week.

  2. I love this circle of spring. The flowers and certain that libelle.

  3. Beautiful Lisa... I think it looks wonderful, all the circles put together on a ring!!

    Weird.. Autumn in Australia, Spring here... but.... we had 5cm of snow!!!!!!!!!

  4. I so wish I hadn't packed up my scrap stuff now. You really inspire me. Always rolling something new out. Love it! Love you too! =)

  5. really loving the circles (yes, still!) and the spring bird and flowers. i also noticed the smells and the sounds when i did my page this week.