Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A new month

April already, before we know it, it will be christmas again!
A new month brings new challenges and lots more creating.

This month I did up this "Boystuff" mini album for the portal at Scraptastic South West. Head on over and check out the awesome monthly mojo challenge with Natasha and the alpha challenge with Angie, have the chance to win a gift voucher!

I am not so good at making cards, but with one of Tams sketches how can you go wrong!
This one is for her current card challenge at mystical.

The We dare you challenge at Mystical this weeks is Guilty pleasures. It took me a long while to decide to go ahead with this layout, I was unsure as to how it would be perceived and the reactions, in the end I decided that I am who I am and thats what I need to scrap.
The journaling reads....
Yes Ive seen all the tv ads, yes I read all the warnings and see the nasty pictures on the packets, yes I understand how bad it is for my health and what it is doing to my body and Yes I still choose to smoke...
it is my one guilty pleasure...
There are so many reasons why I should give up this habit but still I choose not to. Why? Some days I really just enjoy that time out with a ciggy and the calming affect it seems to have on me when things get stressful.



  1. Gorgeous minibook, love that card too.
    I feel so guilty I havent' been around the blogs a lot of late. I suffered eye strain & have tried to cut down my pc use at home as i have to work on one all day.
    I have missed so much gorgeous craft stuff.

  2. Sorry - I can't comment in the gallery at the mystical scrapbooks site but I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your LO for the Mojo Monday challenge. It has such beautiful colours in it!

  3. oh
    i LOVE that minibook!!! WOW! that is fabulous!

    of course, i love the card and the journal page too. i think it's very cool that you decided to scrap your GENUINE guilty pleasure! b/c hey--that's a part of you, and it's great to record the REAL stuff! (plus i gotta say that even tho i quit 10+ years ago...mannnnnn...there are STILL moments that i REALLY want a ciggie...mmmmmmm...g'head and have one for me, ok?!) :)

  4. Good for you on scrapping your guilty pleasure, the laoyut looks wonderful.