Tuesday, January 15, 2008

rain, rain, and yet more rain....

It has been raining again this week, on and off most days, and whilst i thought that it would drive me insane having the boys stuck inside all day, its been surprisingly alright! Sleepovers, computers, playstation, lego, meccano sets and game boards all make for a relatively peaceful days play.
I usually dread the last week, as im trying to get their books and uniforms all ready and they are bored and ready to go back to school, this year though, John has holidays. Now he will be recovering from the surgery he has this Thursday but it will still make things alot easier all around.

Yet more scrapping, I think the rain is keeping my mojo flowing..

These first two for challenges at Mystical Scrapbooks.

This is for the January 123 challenge.

Got another one done today, but I need to photograph it because it has too many lumpy bits, so will do that tomorrow.



  1. Lisa by reading your blog you have done a really good job at keeping those boys of yours entertained throughout the holidays! I guess it is a bit easier when they are older as they are less reliant on you to keep them entertained!

    I love your layouts too!

  2. So, Summer holidays are almost over there in Australia? Too bad it's been raining so much, but by the look of what you're saying, the boys don't have any problem with it!
    I like your layouts!!!
    Why don't you join Paper 08, it's lots of fun!!

  3. Fabulous pages & I adore the one about Mia!