Monday, January 14, 2008

lets bowl

The boys all got given two free games of ten pin bowling for christmas. Yesterday we took them to use them. John didnt play because of his back, but I played with them, and to use a term from the boys... I owned them... lol
We played the two games and I won both, with Dan following close behind in the 2nd game.
Here are some photos from the day..

The other day the postman delivered me some awesome goodies!! Look at all this that I received from the Fantastic Lusi!!!

The boys slept outside in the new tent last night, wasnt that an experience... it was after midnight before we got them to be quiet and go to sleep and then of course mum had to wait up just a bit longer to make sure they were going to be alright lol
They liked it because they want to do it again tonight!
Not sure im all for again tonight as Josh has gone to a mates and its just the two younger ones..we will see.

Hope you all had a great day!


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