Thursday, January 17, 2008

Letting of steam

It is so frustrating and down right annoying to have been booked in for an operation, arrange for time of work, make sure that everything at work is done and ready for you to not be there for two weeks, only to be told the night before your due to be admitted that its been postponed indefinately!!
OK so yes we know there is an emergency that cant be helped and we really do understand, but, his holidays cant be changed, he cantgo back to work now and take them later... and the specialist did want him to have it done in December, but he didnt want to put everyone out over christmas so we we wait again Grrrr

Whilst im venting...lets change to scrap orders and australia post. Why is it that orders from Perth sent regular mail only take 4 days to get to Brisbane, yet orders from Launceston take over 7 days sent regular mail. I dont know if this is the store or aust post, but its darn frustrating. Maybe LSS is the way to go from now on!

Lets get on to some good stuff!
The mojo is still flowing strong, im praying it never ends!

This weeks prompt for Sunday Scraps with Jen Hall - Mail Art.

use envelops you receive your mail
in this week to write letters to your
kids, family or yourself

and this lot are more from challenges at Mystical Scrapbooks.

The photo in this last one was taken by either Renee or Boo with my camera, not sure which one of you girls took it.



  1. thanks for your comment! I love your page too and LOVE the name of your blog. lots of inspiration all around! ciao!

  2. your pages are - as always - wonderful - and i love the card

    bugger about the hospital appointment - that sux big time

    and LOL at the post office - there is no real answers i reckon - depends what mood they are in as to how long thing can take !!!

  3. Grrrr!!! How frustrating! I hope John's op can be rescheduled soon!

    I dont understand mail either! Funny how bills always manage to arrive on time!

    Love your creations!

  4. Gorgeous crafting going on here.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    I'm really upset putting weight on. I have never been overweight always struggle to put it on. Now after 16 weeks of illness & I too fat & I'm not in the right frame of mind for getting ready for a retreat where I can't control my food intake!!!

    Hospitals & postal services are pretty much the same here in the UK!