Saturday, January 05, 2008

Its all about the papers...

Thank you to all those that left comments in my last post. It does feel so much better to have got in and cleaned it all up and got rid of all the rubbish. It's still clean! Mind you they havent been home to play in it lol.

Thursday i went and got some photos ordered for pickup Friday, ordered an enlargement as well, 2nd time ive had one done at Big W. The 2nd time when i go to pick them up that my enlargements havent been printed!!
I smiled nicely at the 'young' girl (a relief staff member) and asked to speak to the manager. To him I wasnt so nice, let him know how annoyed I was that he couldnt employ staff that were competant enough to do their job properly.
They then quickly ran my enlargement of and gave it to me free! I walked away semi happy, but having let them know that if it happened again then I wouldnt be so nice!
Is it too much to ask that the relief and holiday staff (the regular lady who works their is awesome) care about their job and the customers enough to do it right!

Now for some good stuff....

As some of you who read here may know I'm not a huge fan of Basic Grey papers, it has never been a range that appealed to me very much. Just lately though some of the ranges they are bringing out have caught my eye.
The Recess range of papers is one of them, has a real school feel to it and alot more my style. Was perfect for this layout I did of Daniel about his journey into high school this year.
The layout was done for Natasha's challenge over at SSW this month.

Yesterday I decided 'what the heck' and submitted the layout to the Basic Grey gallery. I didnt think that i would hear from them, but got to submit to be accepted right ?
This morning I received an email from Basic Grey, opened it thinking it was their newsletter....but it wasnt...
They accepted my layout!!!!
OMG how excited was I (yep i excite easily lol) they liked it!!
It's now on their idea gallery!!

Back down to earth now lol having a nice quiet weekend at home, Josh has gone to a mates for the weekend and Dan has a mate stying here. Hope to get some more scrapping done, and want to get some photos of the boys taken, badly need to update frames.



  1. Congratulations on getting on the Basic Grey gallery, it is a stunning layout too.

    I didn't think Recess was my style but I got some in a kit and used it today and loved it.

  2. Congratulations Lisa!!! That is fantastic news!!!!

  3. That's great news Lisa, well done. How exciting!!!

  4. Lisa. How exciting.

    I do love that layout. Thanks for doing my challenge too :)

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