Thursday, January 03, 2008

The new years purge

No not my scraproom (although it could probably do with one), but the boys play/toy room. We are lucky enough to have a big room downstairs adjacent the garage for the boys to have for their own. The problem with it being downstairs (which is external) is that I dont get down there very often.....does it stay clean...a big fat NO...

Not only was it not clean but we havent purged any toys in about 2 years. With a teenager and 2 pre teens thats alot of toys they no longer play with or have outgrown.

Yesterday i ventured in there and wished I hadnt..but I spent the day sorting, cleaning and purging toys!

Wow what a job, and with hubbys help last night, because mum had no idea what some of the toys were lol we got it all done.

This is the pile of broken toys an rubbish that is going to the tip.

This pile is going to our local day care centre and the rest to the thrift shop.

The final result, nice clean sorted shelves and toybox.

Now how long it stays like that for, your guess is as good as mine...not long would be my guess lol



  1. doesn't it feel good though
    i'm still working on my big clean out - only a few rooms to go (with the scraproom being the last on my list cos i'm terrified to start in there LOL)

  2. Absolutely awesome! And kudos to you for donating it to charity!!!! :D

  3. I had a laugh at the dare to guess how long it would stay clean, if they are anything like my DD not long at all.

  4. It does feel good when you accomplish something like this. I hope they keep it clean!

  5. Don't you feel so much better now you have cleared it all. I love that feeling when i get all the recycling out of the flat & all the bins are empty.

  6. Im tired just lookin at all the stuff you went through! Whew! But dont you feel way better? lol *smoochies*

  7. Anonymous7:53 am

    i think it will last about 3 weeks - if the boys were not