Sunday, January 06, 2008

Paper adventure

Whilst blog surfing yesterday I found this site with a new challenge, and of course im a challenge junkie so of course I had to do it!

Paper adventure 08 its very similar to OLW or Deck of Me, and should be lots of fun.
Ive chosen to make mine in a little circle tags which I will keep on a ring.
Here is the cover tag, on the back of this i just covered it with pp and put the name of the challenge.

Balance is the first prompt and this is the front...

and journaling on the back...

Also got OLW prompt done for this week, the word is "Steps" really wasnt sure what to do and had this leftover photo from others id cropped and then found this quote and went with it..

Been really hot and humid here today, and the storm that was brewwing...all 15 minutes of it, cooled it down a little, but as soon as it stopped its got humid again.

More scrapping to be done!



  1. Wow. Love what you have done.

  2. love that you are using circles. this looks great...thanks for playing.

  3. Great that you play along too!! Love the circle album!!!

  4. Im so pleased to see you playing along too.
    Fabulous album cover & first page.
    Love the OLW layout too.
    I fell out of love with scrapping, too much competiton amongst the team. Now I scrap just for myself.

  5. very cool that you are using circles! clever!

  6. Wow, looks great! What a good idea to make your pages in a circle!! Love it!
    OLW page is great too!!

  7. Love your stuff! Super cute mini album. Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

  8. Cute idea! I <3 circles!

  9. Love the OLW page! It was actually kind of a hard word for me, so I love the way you used it as part of a word instead of just that word. :)

  10. love the idea of circles. how fun! love it!

  11. It looks great Lisa!!!!!!

  12. love your circular album! Your OLW challenge is cool too!

  13. ohh ohh i love. the circles are just too cool.

  14. I love the idea of the ring of circles and your journalling is wonderful, I love your take on Balance.

    I just noticed that the laoyut in your next post about DS's transition to high school could have been your steps layout too.

    Wonderful layout for OLW.