Sunday, November 25, 2007

A great day!

We had a very quiet start to the weekend yesterday, with Jayden at a sleepover and Dan at work with John, it was just Josh and I here at home, it was so quiet I had to get Josh to put some music on lol.
That all quiet and calm all ended come lunchtime, Jay came home, the guys got home from work and then Josh had a mate turn up.
John and I took off to vote up at the school then decided to go do a bit of window shopping. Ended up getting some shade cloth to go up at the windows at the front of the house to try and block some of the sun that hits there.
Home and closed myself up in my scrap room and created and created...until dinnertime of course, we had a bbq - I love them! Means i dont have to do the cooking lol
Took Josh and TK up to the movies and then watched Star wars (the only non election program on tv) with the boys.
All in all a good day, hoping for one the same today.

So now to the creating... I didnt get all these done yesterday, but over the last couple of days.
All for challenges at KSK.

Create a frame around your photo.

Use lots of different PP as a photo mat.

Use an arrow to point our something on your layout.

This one is a scrapjack of Gabbie...
I am including some of the things the boys go crazy about over the years into their albums, this was one of them.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. Lis your layouts look great!!!
    It was hard to find something to watch on tv last night wasnt it!