Friday, November 23, 2007


One little Word challenge this week was to use the word "full". It took me ages to work out what I wanted to do for this one and then find a photo that suited. Finally decided on this photo of my youngest son and his Pa. The journaling reads....
As a little girl I followed Dad every, mum used to say we were joined at the hip. I now see this with Jay, he loves his Pa and soaks up every minute that he gets to spend with him.

Got a few more layouts done this last few days but havent scanned them yet will try and get that done tomorrow.

Minor vent...
Please if you are asked a question to explain something, then at least have the decency to try and do that and not just fob it of with a too hard. It frustrates the hell out of me when people do that, all I wanted was a simple explanation!

Vent over.....

Dont forget to vote tomorrow Aussies and have an awesome weekend!


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  1. I lOve this! I love the picture! Awesome!