Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Junk Mail

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Day 10

How much Junk ail do we get put in our letterboxes every week.. If your like me most of it just goes in the bin. Do you ever stop to think about the uses it might have in your art journals or other creative projects. I know I didnt. Until this week...
Deck of Me had another guest do the prompt this week, while Emily gets her scrapping room unpacked.
The prompt from Ali Edwards is use your junk mail...
Whenever a toy catalogue shows up at our place it is quickly snatched up by the boys, then read from cover to cover until it resembles paper shreds lol so this card is for them.

Today the kids went back to school, my first whole day to myself in 2 weeks, so what did I do? I went shopping!! Nothing exciting just some organisational things for my room. While waiting at a register to be served I noticed this little sticky notes pad shaped like a pocket (see below), picked it up and saw it was for jeans for genes. How cute is it and wont it make a great journaling block for those boy layouts! A bargain at $2 and helping out a great charity!

Had some really exciting news tonight about one of my boys. Jayden's football coach rang to ask if he would be available to go with the rest of the team to a casting agency to try out for a commercial!! How cool is that!
They will all get 'looked at' tomorrow afternoon for a chance to be in the next MBF ad! I think im more excited for him than he is though lol and probably a good thing for him and casting agency I wont be there :( I have committments with the other boys that I couldnt rearrange, my mate Jason is going to take him for me though!
So keep your fingers crossed that they like him!!



  1. Great card! I love that you chose something your kids had been pouring over!

  2. Love your card, love how you've put it together :)

  3. I love this, so cool all that kids stuff!!! Think we have to keep the junkmail out of the trash for these cards now:-))

    Good luck for your boy tomorrow!!

  4. wow i love that little pocket pad! Will have to keep my eye out for one of my own! A scrap supplie which helps a charity = guilt free scrap shopping! What could be better?

  5. How cool are those post it notes!
    That is fabulous about your son having a casting! FIngers crossed he gets in the ad!
    Great card too!

  6. Great card! Must get some of those post-it notes.

  7. I too was looking at those pads. Lol

    That sounds exciting about the ad.
    Hope they do appear on it.

  8. how.. cool..trying out for a commercial...you'll have to keep us informed of how it goes.. fingers crossed..

  9. Love the little pad, have to get one. Good luck to DS with the casting. :)

  10. Oh yes, this card could be a great one in my cardcollection. My kids love those toy brochures...

  11. Your card is awesome...you made the junk mail look sweet!