Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tag your it...

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Day 11

The auditions at the casting agency for Jay went well, apparently the kids were all great! The deal is that they pick 'teams' not individuals for their ad, and they will let the club know when they have made their decision. So its the waiting game now...

Got some scrapping done today, both of the for challenges at KSK.

I am so over this cold weather, it needs to be warm already, bring on summer.

Im a tad slack as a friend, sorry girls. Tam and Donna both tagged me...

This is how it works. Each player must post seven (7) random facts about themselves on their blog. At the end of their blog post they must name the seven (7) people they have tagged too then visit their blogs and leave a comment on each letting them know that they have been been tagged. Each player must start their post by posting the rules or the game. If you are tagged you need to repeat the rules of the game and so the cycle continues.

So here goes...
1. I am terrified of mice and rats.
2. I wear contact lenses because I am shortsighted and have done since 8th grade.
3. I was born and raise in Tasmania.
4. I played ice hockey for a few months lots of years ago.
5. My favourite colour is purple, but i have very few clothes in that colour.
6. Cooking is one of my least favourite household chores.
7. I remember postcodes have done for years.

Now im going to be really slack and just say, if you want to be tagged then your tagged lol this has done the rounds of so many people that im not sure I could tag 7 who havent already done it..



  1. I agree with you on Number one! Can't stand those things!

  2. YvonneM7:36 am

    I'm over the cold too ... bring on summer! I did this tag ages ago ... might do it again :) I hate rats and mice too - UGH!!

  3. Lisa I really really love your winter layout!
    I am not a fan of rats and mice either!

  4. LOL at that dare LO. Looks great.

    I don't know about bringing on summer but I'm looking forward to Spring at least.