Monday, July 09, 2007

The end is nearing....

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Day 9

The end of school holidays that is...
I am so looking forward to 8.30am tomorrow! Now I love my boys and will miss the sleep ins, but I am so looking forward to some 'ME' time!!

The postie left me a package this morning, filled with these awesome goodies! They come from Alison, for completing a series of challenges at KSK awhile back. I am a spoilt girly and cant wait to start playing with them all!!
Thanks heaps Alison!!

Didnt really feel very creative today, even after getting such a great bunch of goodies, pottered about doing bits of nothing, chatted with Donna an Lynnie, love those girls!
Then finally around 4ish - just as I need to get organised for football training lol - this came to me. The receipts and bar codes from my recent shopping trip, a page for my everyday life journal.

About to go make sure everything is ready for school tomorrow then bed.



  1. I like looking at your layouts and cards. That one of the baby is so sweet.

  2. Must be wonderful to see the kids go back to school :)

  3. I hope the boys have a great day back at school today.
    Looking forward to seeing what you create with your pack from KSK!

  4. YvonneM6:48 pm

    Cool layout - love the idea to use original labels/bar codes on your page. Enjoy your "me" time again!

  5. Great idea for a lo, Lis. What a great box of goodies! :)