Sunday, July 08, 2007

lots of handstitching = sore fingers...

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Day 8

Today's football match was fantastic, 16's with a few 14's (Josh included) and even Dan (12's) played a training game, even Jay got in on it and ran water for them. I think the funniest part of the day was watching the 'adults' out there having more fun than the kids!

8+ hours of handstitching and my fingers were so sore, but the finished layout was worth it! This is for the July stitching challenge at Creative Collective.

Only one more day to brave out and the kids are back at school!!! I have loved the not having to get up early of a morning, but man it has seemed like a very long two weeks. I think the kids are as eager to get back as I am to get them there lol



  1. Oh wow that page is awesome Lisa. Love the stiching. It is work the sore fingers.

  2. wow wow wow - all I can say is that the 8 hours and sore fingers make for a beautiful layout - what patience! It looks fabulous.

  3. That page is wonderful Lisa - but no wonder your fingers are sore. I love how you've framed the photo this way.


  4. That is a stunning layout. Well worth the pain I think. Lol

  5. This is awesome! :)