Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend challenges and babies

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Day 10

A day like today reminds me why I have finished having babies lol, why I am happy that my baby is 9. I absolutely adore my nieces, they bring joy to my life. Whilst all day they have happily played and been played with, ate all their dinner without any problems, it was bedtime that became stressful.
Nica was no problem at all (at 8 she is a great help), Jess on the other hand (at 16 mths) decided that tonight was the night that her teeth would decide to give her pain, that to vomit all over aunti Lisa was the right thing to do, to cry and cry and cry until poor Josh started getting upset because he 'felt helpless' - god bless him.
Fast forward a cple of hours and some colour free panadol and all is well and I have a hosue full of sleeping children!

Now somewhere in the midst of all of this I managed to scrapbook! (ok some of it was done yesterday and this morning before they arrived).
I told you about the weekend challenges over at KSK in a previous post. Well they have been awesome, varied and fun.

#1 A frame, chipboard, stamps and a song lyric..

#2 Handmade embellishment..

#3 Black, white and one other colour (yes the baby is me)

This one is for the June DT challenge - use stamps and inks.

There are 5 challenges in all and I am still going, if you havent anything to do come on over and join us!

I just wanted to make a little note about our June Journey daily blogging group, it is awesome to see so many girls joining us this month. Just remember that it is just a fun thing, if you cant blog daily its no big deal, we all have things crop up and life get in the way. Dont stress girls if you cant blog daily :)

Sleep time, ready for my early morning and babysitting duties.



  1. Those layouts are gorgeous Lisa.
    Sorry to hear that Jess was having teething problems, from a mother of a teething baby ATM, I do feel for you.

  2. Cute LO's! And yes, I too understand about the whole baby thing. I keep going back & forth. Do I want another or not?

  3. love the baby page - the scallopped paper is so pretty

  4. Lis the layouts are beautiful!

  5. Anonymous7:38 am

    omg these are awesome layouts!!!

    life has a habit of getting in the
    didnt realise you are so close to me - we will have to plan a get together.

    oh and i am so over babies too - i mean that in the nicest possible way.

  6. Don't mention teething in this household, I'm so over it. :( Wow, you've been so busy with visitors and you are still getting all this scrapping done. They are all fabulous, looove the star one with the tipped frame especially.

  7. What awesome layouts - I'm totally impressed!!! Thanks for the reminder that daily blogging isn't "compulsory"!! I'm still trying to get a post in every day though - hehe!!