Monday, June 11, 2007


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Day 11

This gorgeous adoreable little girl who I love immensly.....

Is really the devil in disguise lol
OK solast night i reported that after a bad few hours she finally went to sleep..Yup until 12.30am when John and i went to bed (her cot was in our room) and turned the light out!
The she screamed for 45 mins - no tears just screams, we get her quiet and one of the others (who had been woken too) would come and see if she was ok, then she started again. This went on scream then quiet, scream then quite for nearly 2 hours....
Needless to say not alot of sleep was had by anyone.

Next morning and she wakes, playing and happy and you would never believe it was the same little girl lol

To reiinterate what I said last night....Im so over babies lol

The rest of the day, was uneventful and after the girls were picked up my darling hubby let me have a nap!

School is back tomorrow after our long weekend and I am so ready for a day to myself!



  1. Oh dear! Hope your devil in disguise gives you a better night tonight!!!

  2. Anonymous8:37 am

    oh i dont envy you - i dont function unless i get 8 hours sleep.

  3. Who would believe??? She looks so innocent and beautiful. Lol

    I know how looks can deceive. Hope you can get a good night sleep soon.

  4. i don't mean to laugh, but i totally feel you on this! sorry you had a rough night!