Sunday, June 24, 2007

Using those scraps

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Day 24

Had to get up so early this morning so that I could drop Josh of at the bus to go to camp. Going to be weird not having him around all week.
The day dragged after that, I didnt realy feel like scrapping or creating anything. I did get one layout finished though. Cleaned out all my closets and moved summer clothes to the back and brought winter clothes forward.
Sat and did some crocheting(teaching myself how) and helped Jayden with his knitting.

This is the layout I got finished, it is for the latest round of challenges at Scrap the Scraps. Ngaire asked us to use a bird/s on a layout. Took me awhile to decide how to go about it, but quite like the end result.

The boys are on school holidays now for the next two weeks, so keeping them entertained will be my goal. They are pretty good at finiding things to do and have a few mates in our street, so it should all go smoothly.
Had some news this afternoon that left me feeling a little sad and worthless, but my amazing hubby helped make me see things a different way, and whilst I still feel sad about it im ok with it!
Good thing about school holidays (yes there is one lol) no early mornings! I can sleep in!!
Hopefull get some time to scrap tomorrow as well. No football training tomorrow night and hubby is working late so will be a relaxed easy dinner time for us.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.



  1. Very pretty page! Best of luck keeping those boys entertained :)

  2. Your page is just lovely.

    I hope Josh has a great time at camp no doubt your house will seem so quiet minus one son.

  3. Lis this is a beautiful layout! I love your interpretation of the challenge!
    I hope that you have cheered up after receiving some bad news :)

  4. That is a gorgoeus page Lisa.
    Sorry you had some sad (or nasty) news. I hope you don't doubt your selfworth sweetie.

  5. Anonymous4:29 pm

    i love teh holidays to - its means not footy, no homework - i get to have a break too!!

  6. Love your page ... very pretty.
    Sorry to hear you had some sad news. Happy sleeping in during the holidays ... that's gotta be a good thing!!!

  7. Love the lo, just gorgeous. Hope you had a happier day today. :)

  8. Love the photo and the LO - your bird is cool too - very original