Saturday, June 23, 2007

A new look....

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Day 23

I got to sleep in today!! The boys were both sick so they didnt play football. I didnt wake up till 9.30!! Felt so good to.
I defrosted my fridge and cleaned it all out, I have been putting it of for ages, but it just had to be done. Helped Josh get his bags all packed, he heads of to youth group camp tomorrow morning at 7.30am *ugh* no sleep in tomorrow lol.

I love this layout of Jay, this one is a just because I love this photo of him and it all came together really well.

Found a pattern online awhile ago and after helping Jay get set up to practice knitting decided to have a go at it. Its so cute, think I will try a few more in different colours.

Have another layout sitting on my desk that I was hoping to get finished tonight, but instead of scrapping I decided to update my blog to the new look template. All good, except I forgot to save my old one, so then I had to sit here and manually add back in all my links. I lost a couple of things but have decided for now not to bother putting them back.
Glad I changed I like the new look (ok its not that diffferent) and thenew blogger is much easier to update and add things.
Might just work on a new banner soon.

Just a quick 'Well done' to all the June Journey Daily Bloggers, you are all doing great, Kathryn will be proud! I do try to get around and comment on all your blogs, if i miss anyone I am sorry.



  1. I never officially signed up for June journeys..but playing along! LOL - just wanted to say..great job on the LO! 8.5x11 is so darn hard for me!

    I am thinking we should set up an 'internation cyber crop' when Kathryn gets home????

  2. Lis how cute are those little flowers! The look fabulous!

  3. Great LO and as Ngarie says, those flowers are so cute.

    Thanks for coming around and commenting on our JJ blogs. I really appreciate the time it takes you to do this.

  4. Anonymous5:23 pm

    i love the new look, that layout is way cool...

  5. That is a gorgoeus layout Lisa.
    The blog looks great and don't worry I have done that too.

  6. That little knitted flower is just soooo adorable - I love it.
    Thank YOU too for making the time to comment on the JJ blogs. It's just a little thing but it means so much that you take the time out to do it. I agree - I think Kathryn will be one proud Daily Blogger Mama!!!

  7. Wow, the crocheting is coming along beautifully. :)

  8. Whoops, I mean knitting! :)