Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy stuff!!

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Day 25

Firstly i wanted to thank all of you that left comments and messages for me today about how I was feeling. It ws so nice to read them all and know that you cared. That not everyone is insensitive and blase about things that are important to some.
I am feeling much better today!!

How could I not be when I wake up to a pizza box filled with all this yumminess!!! My RAK from Janine arrived. WOW I love it all and cant wait to start playing with it. Thank you so much!!

I have been playing with all crafty things not scrapbooking lately, experimenting and seeing what else there is out there.
This is my first ever pinchusion I have ever made!! Now while it is a little small, it turned out the way it was supposed to. I plan on making another one larger soon.

I have always wanted to learn how to crochet, and regret not gettin my MIL to teach me how before she died. But I am not one to say 'I cant' so I decided to teach myself.
Now I have alwasy been able to do chains, not alot you can do with them though lol. This is my first 'something'!
I started crocheting away and ened up with some lenghts that I decided to turn into this bag. I know its pretty basic but ya know its the first thing ive ever made, and im proud of me lol.

So while i was on a roll i did this as well. Love the colours of this wool, thinking i might turn this one into a mini album cover.

If you read my blog regulary, you will notice that of late I have won a few prizes or RAK on blogs and forums. I have been so lucky and have a few more on their way to me as i type!
So I have decided to dish out my own RAk.
The crocheted bag above in the brown is my gift if you would like this leave me a comment telling me some talent you have other than scrapbooking. I will get my hubby (or son) to pick one lucky name out and they will win teh bag (and maybe another surprise)!



  1. That bag is gorgoeus, well done for giving it a go and teaching yourself.

    A talent of mine... mmm does photography count as a talent or is that too close to scrapbooking?

    I also used to do beading and making star burst balls. Lol

  2. wow your a lucky girl what a gorgeous RAK...cant wait to see what you do with it!

  3. ooops forgot to add my talent..lets see ive won a couple of comps at that a i play the piano and guitar, i also do sports quite well , more so in my younger days....oh and i have five kids,,is that a talent or a psychopathic

  4. What a fabby RAK from Janine.

    I'm afraid that my only other talent I have is collecting UFOs - you know ... the unfinished crossstitch, the unfinished quilt, the unfinished herb garden, the unfinished painting. You get the idea LOL

  5. Lis you are so talented!!! Your creations are gorgeous!!!!!

    I used to do a lot of tapestry when I commuted to Melbourne on the train each day. It was very theraputic and I have some gorgeous tapestries to show for it!

  6. I spotted that pin cushion on another blog today as well and I really want to make one, too. Love your crocheting, your little bag looks awesome, I can't believe you are giving it away. Talents, mmmh... how about I can burp on demand, really loud, too, LOL. Sorry, I know, very gross.