Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Little things

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Day 28

Almost at the end of the first week of school holidays and im amazed at how great the boys have been! the second week may be their undoing though lol will have to wait and see.
Today was my shopping day, I thought with boys in tow that it would take me alot longer to get everything done, but it didnt, they were such great helpers, even putting all the shopping away for me!
I tried to scrap this afternoon, but it just wouldnt happen. Its weird how the beginning of the week i manage to get so much done, but as the weekend nears my mojo slows right down...

These two pages are wht I did yesterday, but coudlnt scan till today because of wet paint. they are inside cover and intro for my everyday life album. There are a few of these going around at the moment. Mine I dont intend to make daily entries as the others are, more just as teh mood or thought strikes me. Daily, weekly, monthly, or just whenever.

My big boy comes home from camp tomorrow and while i have missed him heaps cant wait to see him, im not looking forward to a weeks worth of muddy (its been raining heaps) smelly clothes to wash lol

A reminder that the handbag challenge on Collective Creative closes on the 30th June, so you only have 2 more days to get your entires in. If you havent seem this go check out the blog!



  1. Anonymous7:11 am

    i love this idea for a album!!!!! love the quote too.

    boys, camp and washing - oh joy!!!!!! lol

  2. Great quote and I love the idea of these albums.

  3. I love that quote and journalling, you are right, we have to scrap the little things in life.

    When i had Lillee, a wonderful friend of mine gave me a little handmade book to document the little things she does like getting fluff between her toes.

    I bet you are looking foreard to DS getting home.

  4. Lisa the pages look great! Love the quote!
    I hope that ds arrives home ok and that he has had a great time.

  5. Love your pages --- I have a real "thing" for orange right now!!