Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And the winner is......

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Day 27

*Drum Roll*
The winner is....

Gonna make you wait lol
Another good day with the boys, that may all change next week once Josh comes home...
I took the boys with me to the thrift shop today, they love it as much as I do. Gave them each some money and they had a great time picking out what they wanted.
I got all this stuff below, some pretty pink doileys that I will probably use on my layouts for my niece and all this material.
I have already used some of it to make some more pincushions.

Ok ok enough making you wait...
I printed out all the comments...
Melanie my mum used to bead before her stroke, would love to see some of your work.
Susan lol at your UFO's join the club! I have lots too.
Ngaire tapestries baffle me you must show us some of them.
Francine whilst music alludes me lol I love sports, both playing and watching!5 kids - superwoman lol 3 is hard enough.
Heike my son loved your talent the best lol

Jayden helped me, we put all the comments in a container...

and he drew one out...

It didnt show up very well, but the winner is .....
Email me your details hone and I will get the bag out to you asap :)



  1. Congratulations Melanie! The photos are so cute of Jayden drawing out the winner!

  2. Anonymous7:54 am

    oh i havent been thrift shopping for ages.

    well done melaine

  3. Lisa you have some fantastic work.. cna you email me please RE: scrap your scraps

  4. LOL at Heike's talent - I had to go back and read that post. I can see why your son would think it was a cool talent.

    Looks like you picked up some great bargins at the thrift shop.

  5. Thank you so much Lisa and Jayden.
    That bag is gorgoeus.

    I will have to dig out the beaded sun burst balls. They are really easy to make and brighten up the room.

  6. Oooh - Congrats Melanie ... how did I miss that???
    You got some mighty pretty things at the thrift store :)

  7. Congrats to Melanie. Well done! Such a generous RAK, Liz! Haven't been to the op shop for a while, I think it's timw, LOL. :)