Sunday, May 06, 2007

What happened to the weekend?

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Day 6

Did we just have a weekend? Isnt the weekend where you relax and do nothing ? Not here..not this weekend..
Yet another full on day of football. This time at the Gabba, we caught the train up to the ground, waited around outside (for what seemed like forever) to find the rest of the teams and get tickets.
We were there for two very big reasons today, first was the March Past. All the grand final winning teams from last year got to do a march of honour around the ground before the start of the game. To us it was special to Josh it was no big deal lol

2nd big reason was my boy got to play in the centre yet again. This time for he under 10's and not auskick. The general consensus from all the players was that it was fun except for having to wear Fremantle uniforms lol

We didnt arrive back home till almost 6 tonight, it made for a very long day. Im so glad that we dont do that every time the Lions play at home.

Some more pictures from our trip to Tassie.
This one of the boys at city park in Launceston, very rare to get one of all 3 of them smiling at the same time. I love the background colours in this one.

Josh and Matty looking pretty dapper in their new threads. We were so proud of both of them for being strong and brave when they helped carry their nanna's coffin out of the church.

My gorgeous cousin Shaina who although she is 23 looks just like one of the kids. Thank you so much for letting us invade your home, giving us beds and lending us your car. Your the best :)

Had to take this one of Josh and Shaina, the difference in height was astounding! Josh couldnt believe how much taller he was.

I was so lucky to hav the privelage to be the first person (other than Shaina and her mum) to see these gorgeous, tiny little girls.
Shaina went into labour 8 weeks early 2 days after we arrived.
Beautiful Amber who was born first.

Just as beautiful Mia.

The girls were both just a little over 3lb, they were so tiny but so gorgeous. When we left both the girls and mum were doing really well.

More photos tomorrow (promise that will be the last of them)


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