Monday, May 07, 2007

Last of the photos

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Day 7

This is the last of the photos from our Tassie trip. Well the last that I can share. My sister doesnt want any photos of her or her children on the net, and I respect that.

Jayden and his Pa (my dad)

Love this photo of Jay and Chelsea, the two of them were inseperable the whole day.

Almost all the grandkids (Trevor was in the middle of exams and couldnt make the trip)

Chrissi and Pop

John and his dad

Poppy and the boys.

I love this photo! *shocked face* There are not many photos of me that I can say I really like, but this one I do. Taken in the conservatorium at city park.

Was a public holiday in Queensland today, the boys all went of in different directions with mates which left me on my own to scrap!
I got a fair bit done but having some problems with the scanner and havetn been able to get them scanned yet, will work on that tomorrow.


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