Saturday, May 05, 2007

photo overload

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day 5

Today was full on football, we had to be at the ground at 8.15am for Jay's under 10 game. I only got to see bits of the game as I was needed to help out in the canteen.

Next was u'12's and Dan's first AFL game. He has decided to switch codes and not play soccer anymore. They all played so well and only lost by 4 points. Dan was so excited when coach gave him best on ground!! Well done Dan :)

Next and last (thank god) was the U'14's with Josh, they played really well against a higher div team and came back to almost win in the last quarter.

Finally after 7 hours at football we got to go home! It could of been worse I suppose at least they all played at the same ground!

On our recent trip to Tasmania we took hundreds of photos, over he next few days I will share some of those with you. Starting tonight with a few odd shots of things we found interesting.

First is this beautiful sunset taken out of the window of the plane on the flight to Launceston.

We took the boys to city park and John couldnt resist this picture of the 3 monkeys, he suggests an apt title would be 'the 3 boys' lol

Whilst in city park we wandered through the conservatorium, just loved the brightness and boldness of this plant (have no idea what it is - please feel free to enlighten me )

This is the bridge at Campbell Town built in 1838 by convicts. I dont think I could remember the times we have driven over this bridge, but this is the first picture we have ever taken.

To finish with tonight I left the best to last :)
Karen, Tos and Me
met these gorgeous girls finally when I visited Karen's Scrappin Kupboard. It was so awesome to meet them and I wish we had more time to spend together.

Had to laugh when I saw this photo... The boys waiting outside the kupboard while mum was inside with the girls!

More photos tomorrow



  1. I do miss you sweetie! Bunches! Love you!

  2. The photos look great Lis! The one of the monkeys in the park is so cute. I cant beleive they are there!
    I really love the KSK ones!

  3. Sounds like the boys had a good day. Don't you hate being stuck in the canteen! That plant is a coleus. They grow easily from cuttings and are quite common around here.